I need to preface this by stating that I am a fan of this series and loved all the previous films.

Now that all that legal jargon is out of the way I shall begin. There were so many hand to the face moments in this movie that when I got home my girlfriend thought I got into a fight and lost. I did feel like I did get into a fight however, but with my brain. There are countless moments of, “what the hell just happened” and, “please explain how this is even possible” to even begin to count. I will however give an example. There is a submarine that is dry docked and out of nowhere the thing is magically in the water, but this is not regular water. No no no! We are talking about some thick ass Russian frozen winter water.

I mean I could write a novel on the many plot holes and just blatant disrespect for physics and technology, but I will not go that route.

I will say this and I am not lying. I was entertained the entire time I was watching this. I had to ignore my brain and sit back and enjoy the ride, or should I say rides?