I’m going to travel back in time for this one. John Wick 1 was a basic action movie with a very thin plot line and man was it fun. Dude is super pissed because some other dudes killed his puppy and stole his car then seeks revenge on said dudes. Side note his puppy was adorable and a 1969 Mustang Mach 1 coupe is super bad ass.

Let’s now fast forward to John Wick 2. For some reason they decided to add a huge conspiracy theory plot that involves like 90% of the population as assassins. There is even a moment when the leader of said assassins freezes the world with a wave of his hand!

I totally lost interest in this movie about 45 minutes into it. Unfortunately they left it open to a part 3. Yikes!

I think Keanu is just cursed when it comes to making a sequel. Matrix and Bill and Ted sequels are total garbage as is this.