There are a few foods that you take for granted during your time here on earth. One of these foods is a miraculous substance known as Velveeta. It coats nachos with ease that some would call blasphemous when compared to traditional cheese products. Macaroni and cheese should officially be changed to macaroni and Velveeta *a food like substance inspired by cheese.

Let’s break down this miracle food. Does it taste like cheese? Not really. Is it delicious? Absolutely! Can you make killer dips, nachos, M&C? You bet your sweet double wide ass you can!

Do yourself a favor and add Velveeta to all your foods that require cheese to be spread evenly and smooth. You ever eat nachos with regular cheese? You get that one mega chip that takes all the cheese and toppings and what are you left with after that one tasty ass bite? Just a plate of plain old tortilla chips. Get outta here with that noise!