An evil man with funny looking hair rises to power due to fear of other people that are not like him. The world is thrown into a frenzy and humanities’s future is uncertain at best. Sounds a bit familiar does it not? Hacksaw Ridge is a powerful and visually stunning movie about a young man that opposes the war and turns out to be one of the greatest heroes of  WWII.

This movie has all the war movie clichés you could ask for. Love story, the wise old man talking about the war he was in, the jerk in boot camp, snappy old time jargon, and a massive I mean MASSIVE amount of blood and guts. Let’s not forget about the explosions. Yeah, there are a few of them too!

This movie was a bit on the preachy side for me but then again so is The Count from Sesame Street. He’s always telling me what to count and how excited I should be.