Man oh man did I have some high hopes for this shoe. I mean we are talking about Eric Koston here right?

As with all big shoe name brands I was underwhelmed. Nike’s attempt at making a shoe that appeals to skaters that like some board feel fell flat once again. The shoe has the world’s thickest insole I have ever seen and then you add a very slippery sole and you have a dud. I ended up skating these about 6 times before I finally called it quits.

Two major things wrong with this shoe. The first being that there is very little board feel. The second is that the sole had very little grip.


I think I am done with non-skateboard brand shoes. Nike, Adidas, and New Balance have all given me the same results. Second-rate at best.

Ratings on a scale of 0-10.

Comfort: 6

Style: 9

Grip: 3

Durability upper:9. Pretty much bullet proof during the short time I skated these

Durability sole: No idea as I did not skate it long enough