Jack Reacher never goes back, but Tom Cruise will occasionally. I mean the dude has done a few sequels to Mission Impossible. Side note; Mission Impossible rules! One exception would be Mission Impossible 2. 

Before I go any further let me address the elephant in the room. The guy is in a whacked out religion, cough… cough CULT, but he makes some kick ass movies and this is one of them.

Jack Reacher does not and I mean DOES NOT under any circumstance take any guff from anyone for any reason. If you want to see some faces getting punched, crimes being solved, guns being shot, another face or two getting punched, a car chase or two, then an ending you did not see coming, this is that movie.

Popcorn is highly recommended for this one! Save some money and do not get a drink as your thirst will be quenched with action!