Rarely and I mean rarely do things live up to the hype they receive, do Avenue trucks live up to the hype? You better believe it!

I set these up with some medium bones bushings and soft wheels and went to Albuquerque’s famous Indian School ditch for a test run and my god was I happy with these trucks!

By far the smoothest ride down the very steep and fast ditch I’ve ever had. I’ve used my regular board and cruiser boards in the past and by one run you can feel your feet and legs starting to get worn out. Not with these bad boys! No speed wobbles, no vibrations, and the turning was smoother than silk! I could have skated that ditch all day and not felt fatigued.  This is what Marty McFly must have felt like riding his hoverboard!

I honestly think that these trucks will change the way people skate fast, rough, and long surfaces like the ditches of Albuquerque and if they make them for longboards that industry will never look back! Game changer for sure!

I highly suggest these trucks for a cruiser board or a downhill/ditch board. All my friends that rode these trucks down the ditch are buying some now!

Avenue Trucks