Just plain bad ass. BAD TO THE A DOUBLE S.

A few reasons this show is top-notch. You got sweet ass sets. There are good guys and bad guys and not all the good guys are good and not all the bad guys are bad. WHAT? You got political espionage as well as classic usurping of power and let us not forget about revenge.  There are bad ass battles, bad ass plot lines, dragons and shit. Dragons…there are real actual dragons on this show! Granted the dragons are not real, still awesome.  There are babes of the female and male variety and sometimes they get nude. By sometimes I mean always. Even the opening credits are epic.

Side note: I have not read the books and I do not care as everyone that has read the books makes it a point to let me know and break down the differneces between the show and books,so I feel like they have done the heavy lifting for me.