I was pretty excited to try these shoes after seeing them featured in theberrics.com.

I walked around in them for about a week to break them in before attempting to skate in them and right away I was a bit worried as they seemed a bit stiff around the ball of my foot.

Finally…it was time to skate them! Initial impressions were positive. Great grip even on an old board, good board feel, and they are nice and light.

After about an hour of skating them I can’t say I was that thrilled. My toes started to blister and they were still not as flexible as I would hope. What is strange is that they feel like there is some hard plastic were the pattern of the sole changes.


I ended up giving these away to a friend by the end of the day.

Overall review is that they should be way more flexible and eliminate whatever stiff material they placed where the sole pattern changes.

Ratings on a scale of 0-10.

Comfort: 4

Style: 9


Durability: Can’t comment as I only skated them for an hour.